Who We Are

Our History

Shell Employees' Credit Union came about as a result of a tight credit market in the 1950's. During this time, banks were unwilling to lend without collateral, which left many individuals no choice but to turn to finance companies who charged exhorbitant rates for unsecured loans.

To address this, 20 Shell employees banded together to form the Shell Employees' Credit Union (SECU). Their ethos was to provide services to the community of Shell employees, during a time when no one else was willing to help out. In the beginning, our operations were run solely by volunteers working out of the Calgary and Edmonton Shell offices, up until 1966 when our very first employee was officially hired.

Over the years, SECU has flourished into the full-service financial institution that it is today, offering deposit, lending, and wealth management services. With over 6000 members worldwide, offices in Calgary and Fort Saskatchewan, and over $290 millon in assets - SECU has truly come a long way.

No longer strictly limited to employees of Shell, our membership is now also open to contractors, retirees, and referrals of current members. Yet despite all the changes we've gone through in our over 60 years of existence - one thing remains the same: our raison d'etre continues to be serving the unique needs of the Shell community, including their family and friends, not only in times of abundance but also in times of need.


To be our members' first choice for financial services.


To assist our members in reaching their unique financial goals by offering competitive rates and the highest quality of professional and accessible service with a personal touch.