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(RDS to CNRL) ShellCU and You: Together Through Transition

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What will happen to Shell Employees’ Credit Union (SECU) once Royal Dutch Shell (RDS) and Canadian Natural Resources Ltd. (CNRL) deal is finalized after May 2017?

SECU is a robust and viable financial institution committed to serving our membership base of current and former Shell employees, contractors, retirees, and families and friends from the Calgary and Scotford locations. We anticipate little to no disruption to your day-to-day banking services before or after May 2017.

You can rest assured that you may continue to enjoy true co-operative banking at SECU where you are a member, not just a customer.

If you currently don’t have a membership with SECU you will always remain eligible to join SECU as a former Shell employee.

How to access Shell Employees’ Credit Union:

SECU has the following branches:

  • Shell Centre Lobby - 117-400 Ave SW, Calgary, Alberta T2P 0J4
  • Scotford Chemicals* – Scotford Administration Building (Limited access; security clearance required)

All SECU banking products are also accessible via:

*SECU officers in the Fort Saskatchewan area are available for offsite meetings to accommodate members with limited access to the Scotford Admin branch.

Q: I will be moving to CNRL after May 2017. What should I do with my SECU membership?

We encourage you to operate your SECU account as if it were business as usual, even after you make the transition from RDS to CNRL.

We will always stand by our adage “Once a Member, Always a Member,” and will continue to deliver world-class financial solutions, trusted advice, profit-sharing, and 100% deposit guarantee to our valued members regardless of your employment affiliation. Our bond will remain open to current and former RDS employees, as well as your families and friends. 

You may still open new accounts (such as chequing accounts, loans, mortgages, and investments) and enjoy our competitive rates for as long as you remain a SECU member.

Q: I need to do something with my pension once I move from RDS to CNRL. Can SECU help?

Likely, you will be required to make a choice between staying in the Shell pension plan (if eligible), or transferring your pension’s commuted value to a LIRA.

We have a team of experienced and capable wealth management professionals who can assist you through the entire decision-making process, starting with assessing what's best for your particular life situation.

We will also be available as your constant resource for financial advice on a constant basis, to ensure that your plan remains suitable for your ever-evolving needs.

Q: Am I required to inform you that I will be moving from RDS to CNRL?

While not mandatory, we strongly encourage you to let us know if you will be moving to CNRL so that we can review your account and notify you of any housekeeping items that may need to be addressed.

For example, if you have your payroll deposits going directly to your SECU account, you may need to make new arrangements with CNRL's payroll department after your transition is completed. This is especially important if you currently have a loan or mortgage at SECU.

Important Forms and Contacts to Help Ease Your Transition

1. Partially Completed Direct Deposit Form
To facilitate the update of your payroll information, print off this partially completed Direct Deposit Form, complete your account specific, and submit to your payroll administrator.

2. Update Your Email Address
Please provide us with your personal email address to ensure that we can still reach you no matter where you work. This will also ensure that you continue     to receive news about special members offers that may be of interest to you.

3. Pension Questions? Ask our Wealth Advisor Anything!
Our Wealth team is equipped with the know-how and the familiarity with RDS' pension plan to provide you with qualified, objective advice with a focus on what will be best for your personal situation.

4. Other Questions
Don't see your questions addressed in this page? Send us an email!